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Directed In-Services

The Institute understands the pressures of working in the current long term care environment. Our seasoned professionals have worked in this industry and know the delicate balance that exists between regulations, staff retention and quality care. The Institute emphasizes a collaborative approach to designing a program tailored to meet your directed in-service needs.

Our in-service curricula are developed by an interdisciplinary team of experts including nursing home administrators, registered nurses and a legal nurse consultant. All have extensive experience in adult education and are dedicated to providing in-depth trainings that motivate learners. With our emphasis on Culture Change, all programs aim to improve resident quality of care and promote employee skills enhancement and job satisfaction.

When you are faced with a plan of correction that includes directed education, the Institute is ready to help. Our Directed In-Service Consultation Program offers a comprehensive six-step process to meet your home's unique needs:

  • Step 1: In-depth analysis of your survey deficiency report
  • Step 2: Our team meets with your team to design the education and training you need. Input from the appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies is also incorporated.
  • Step 3: Creation of customized directed in-service curriculum submitted to your management team, the Department of Health, and your Field Office for review
  • Step 4: Arrange and conduct training sessions for all shifts -- videotaped to help ensure 100% compliance. Trainings include overview of appropriate F-Tags, review of corresponding policies and procedures, and instruction on maintaining compliance.
  • Step 5: Exit meeting to brainstorm ideas for long-term compliance
  • Step 6: Three months later, a follow-up meeting is held to gauge retention and on-going compliance.

We also offer comprehensive consultation services including assistance with Plans of Correction, Long-Term Strategic Planning, Systems Change and Public Relations.

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