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Culture Change Consulting

Our Culture Change consulting emphasizes three primary goals:

  • Recruitment and retention of committed, competent employees
  • Helping to build successful teams
  • Incorporating the principles of respect, dignity and empowerment into long term care workforce development

Consultations can be arranged by phone or in person, depending on the needs of your organization. Deeper relationships can include onsite engagements with Institute team members, bringing us into your organization on a more regular basis to facilitate your journey toward cultural transformation. Beginning with an analysis of current systems and anticipated needs, we can follow up with educators and training services designed to accomplish your goals.

In addition, the Institute offers:

  • Customized solutions you can share with your staff and implement in a matter of days
  • In-depth consultations that allow you to pick and choose the best fitting programs for your staff and residents
  • Design expertise on survey tools and measuring outcomes such as employee and resident satisfaction
  • Culture Change transformation assistance, recognizing that nursing home residents are individuals, not objects and that aging is another stage of life rather than a death sentence
  • Proven recruitment and retention tips and tools you can start using TODAY

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from Institute consulting services <<Click Here>> or call us at (717) 263-7766.