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Foundations of Nursing Assistant Care

Nursing Assistant Training Curriculum

It is widely known that the long term care industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates of any profession. Recognizing the critical staffing issues long term care managers face, the Institute offers the Nursing Assistant Training Program, a 20-day, 136-hour curriculum that prepares individuals for employment in the long term care industry and addresses the most common barriers to the recruitment and retention of qualified caregivers.

The Institute's Curriculum is Designed to Achieve the Following Goals:

  • Introduce participants to work rules and expectations within the healthcare industry
  • Help participants develop a positive work ethic that includes self-reliance, personal initiative, and self-confidence
  • Improve participants' communication and customer service skills with co-workers and clients for whom they care
  • Improve interaction with supervisors and authority figures
  • Enable participants to develop and practice problem-solving, decision-making and organizational skills
  • Deliver competency-based instruction to prepare for the state competency examination
  • Enhance quality care and increase retention of frontline caregivers

The curriculum acclimates students to the healthcare environment and broadens their understanding of the professional, social and behavioral skills they need to succeed in their employment. Key Culture Change Principles of Respect, Empowerment, Community, Relationships, and Choice are interwoven throughout the curriculum. Competency-based classroom and clinical instruction includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Role & Function of the Nursing Assistant
  2. Safety & Accident Prevention
  3. Communication Skills - Effective Listening, Managing Conflict
  4. Residents' Rights, HIPAA
  5. Abuse-Free Resident Care
  6. Infection Control
  7. Restorative Nursing - Ambulation, Transfer & Bed Mobility, Toileting, Range of Motion, ADLs,...
  8. Documentation
  9. Psychosocial Needs
  10. Personal Care Skills - Bathing, Hair Care, Nail Care, Shaving, Mouth Care, Dressing, Toileting, Catheter Care, Bed Making,...
  11. Skin Care, Pressure Ulcers, Skin Tears, Preventive Measures & Devices
  12. Positioning
  13. Mobility - Transferring & Ambulating, Wheelchairs, Lifts, Fall Prevention
  14. Nutrition & Special Diets
  15. Basic Nursing Skills, Vital Signs
  16. Cognitive Impairment & Managing Difficult Behaviors
  17. Aging Process - Review of Body Systems
  18. Dying & Post-Mortem Care
  19. Resident Assignments (beginning with one and working up to four residents per student)
  20. Debriefing and Skills Review (after each day of clinical experience)

Long term care providers may purchase the Institute's full Instructional Resource Binder. The Instructor's Binder includes:

  • Course Outline & Instructional Guidance for Conducting 136 Combined Hours of Instruction (37 hrs. Classroom, 41 hrs. Laboratory and 58 hrs. Clinical) -- based on Pennsylvania's regulatory requirements governing State-Approved Nurse Assistant Training Programs
  • Nursing Assistant Trainee Learning Objectives
  • Competencies Checklist
  • Master Skills Checklist
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Demonstration/Return Demonstration of more than 100 Caregiving Tasks
  • Course Quizzes and Answer Keys
  • Student Textbook

Foundations of Nursing Assistant Training student textbooks can be purchased individually for use in conducting training.

Instructional Guide with Teaching Resources    Item Code: FDNA-T
Student Textbook   Item Code: FDNA-S

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