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Mentoring For Eldercare Workers

The long term care profession is plagued with high attition rates. This is a resource that will help stem the tide of attrition by creating a supportive environment through mentoring. Mentoring for Eldercare Workers: Education within your Reach is a 243-page curriculum focuses on improving retention rates for newly hired employees and enriching the work experience of long-term employees.

This 12-hour curriculum sharpens clinical skills and improves job satisfaction among experienced team members. It enhances the ability of prospective mentors to remove barriers that interfere with newly-hired employees becoming committed and productive team members. Putting this program in place can strengthen supportive team relationships, improve consistency of care, and increaser the quality of life for elders that the team serves. Team members who successfully complete the program experience added pride in their work and achieve an increased sense of empowerment. The greatest benefit of the curriculum is that it nurtures a stable workforce, contributing to the well being of residents and employees alike.

Mentoring Program Session Topics

(Delivered in Six 2-Hour Sessions)

  1. Why a Mentoring Program is Important; What is a Mentor? Who Benefits?
  2. Qualities of a Good Mentor: Communication, Leadership, Behaviors
  3. Qualities of a Good Mentor: Managing Stress, Time Management
  4. What the Mentee Needs: Integration into the New Work Community
  5. Managing Change with Mentoring: Change Can Be Seen As Opportunity or Danger
  6. Good Mentoring Includes Team Building: Effective Teamwork Promotes Quality of Care

This resource also includes:

Implementing the Mentoring Program "How-To" Guide for Program Developers

In-Service for Nursing Home Leaders on Benefits of a Mentoring Program (Buy-in of Leadership Team is Essential)

Mentoring Orientation In-Service for Mentees: How Mentees Benefit from the Mentoring Relationship

In-Service for Mentors & Mentees: Sharing Expectations of the Mentoring Relationship

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