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Leadership Development Series

The Leadership Development Series for Long Term Care Managers is a 40-hour course is designed to help all members of the leadership team strengthen their working relationships toward improving the overall effectiveness of the nursing home. Throughout the series, leadership personnel, managers and supervisors from all departments learn to understand and enhance the unique gifts that each contributes to the team.

Each class session focuses on a particular area of importance to both new and seasoned managers. Interactive participation encourages application of the learning concepts to practical situations found everyday in a resident-centered, community-oriented nursing home environment.

Ten 4-Hour Sessions Cover the Following Topics

Session 1 Effective Leadership
Session 2 Communication
Session 3 Conflict Resolution
Session 4 Teams & Teamwork
Session 5 Job Coaching
Session 6 Effective Delegation
Session 7 Cultural Awareness
Session 8 Performance Appraisal
Session 9 Time & Stress Management
Session 10 Change Management

Tailored to the needs of the long term care profession, the learning series...

  • Supports leadership values that include promoting trust, respecting individuality, and treating staff as we want staff to treat residents
  • Explores communication and conflict in terms of perceptions and assumptions, individual styles and useful strategies for negotiating Win-Win agreements
  • Discusses stages of team development, as well as how having a variety of individual strengths and team player styles among members benefits the entire team to achieve organizational goals
  • Examines performance appraisals and job coaching as valuable tools to: promote employee development, identify factors contributing to marginal performance, set clear expectations, and provide constructive support and feedback for performance improvement
  • Explores common barriers to delegation and offers guidance for deciding what to delegate, to whom, and with appropriate levels of responsibility and authority to carry out the delegated tasks
  • Stresses the importance of cultural awareness to promoting a level of understanding between people to be able to work with and for each other with respect and harmony
  • Addresses the importance of managing our time in a way that integrates commitments with values and relationships, and focuses on how stress reveals itself in our lives as well as techniques for coping with it
  • Supports a positive approach to dealing with changes that are so much a part of our everyday experience, and helps us remove barriers that contribute to difficult transitions which are so often accompanied by feelings of loss and turmoil

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