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Regulatory F-Tag Crosswalk to Culture Change

Examining more than 180 F-Tags, the Regulatory F-Tag Crosswalk to Culture Change product identifies a link between a primary Culture Change Principle and the regulatory language, and weaves an action-based connection between Culture Change Values and Guidance to Surveyors for each regulation. This very popular reference will assist you in communicating to your team how Culture Change Initiatives do not interfere with Federal Reulations, but in reality support them and their intent to protect the elders who live in our homes and improve their quality of care and quality of life.

Initially released in 3 volumes, and fully updated to include CMS F-Tag changes through August 2007, Volumes 1, 2, & 3 of the Crosswalk can still be purchased separately to complete your series. If you are new to the Regulatory F-Tag Crosswalk to Culture Change, you may be interested in acquiring the Full Series Edition which includes the F-Tags contained in all three volumes arranged in a single 265-page reference manual.

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Below are the F-Tags contained in each Volume:

Volume One

F151—Exercise of Rights
F152—Resident Rights for the Incompetent Resident
F153—Resident Rights: Access to Records
F154—Resident Rights: Understand Total Health Status
F155—Resident Rights: Refusing Treatment
F157—Resident Rights: Notification of a Change in Condition
F160—Resident Rights: Conveyance Upon Death
F164—Resident Rights: Privacy & Confidentiality
F165—Resident Rights: Voicing a Grievance
F166—Resident Rights: Resolving Grievances
F167—Resident Rights: Examination of Survey Results
F174—Resident Rights: Telephone
F175—Resident Rights: Married Couples
F221 & F222—Resident Rights: Restraints
F223—Resident Rights: Abuse
F224—Staff Treatment of Residents: Mistreatment, Neglect, or Misappropriation of Resident Property
F225 — Not Employ Individuals Found Guilty of...
F226—Staff Treatment of Residents: Policies & Procedures
F240—Quality of Life
F243 & F244—Participation in Resident & Family Groups
F248 & F24—Activities
F257—Environment: Comfortable & Safe Temperature Levels
F272—Resident Assessment
F279—Comprehensive Care Plan
F280—A Comprehensive Care Plan Must Be...
F281—Professional Standards of Quality
F282—Qualified Persons
F283—Discharge Summary
F284—Post-Discharge Plan of Care
F286—Maintaining Resident Assessments
F309—Quality of Care
F310—Activities of Daily Living
F311—Treatment & Services
F313—Vision & Hearing
F314—Pressure Sores
F315—Urinary Incontinence & Catheters
F317—Range of Motion without Limited Motion
F318—Range of Motion with Limited Motion
F325—Nutritional Status
F332 & F333—Medication Errors
F353—Nursing Services: Sufficient Staff
F354—Nursing Services: Registered Nurse
F363—Menus & Nutritional Adequacy
F368—Frequency of Meals
F369—Dietary Services: Assistive Devices
F370, F371 & F372—Dietary Services: Sanitary Conditions
F428—Drug Regimen Review
F441—Infection Control
F454—Physical Environment
F469—Pest Control Program
F492—Compliance with Federal, State, Local Laws & Professional Standards
F497—Regular In-Service Education (Required Training of Nurse Aides)
F498—Proficiency of Nurse Aides
F514—Clinical Records
F517—Disaster & Emergency Preparedness: Procedure
F518—Disaster & Emergency Preparedness: Training

Volume Two

F150—SNF & NF Definitions& Resident Rights
F156—Notice of Rights & Services
F158—Protection of Resident Funds
F159—Management of Personal Funds
F161—Assurance of Financial Security
F162—Limitation on Charges to Personal Funds
F163—Free Choice: Choosing a Personal Physician
F168—Receive Information from Agencies Acting as Advocates
F170 & F171—Mail
F172 & F173—Access & Visitation Rights
F176—Self-Administration of Drugs
F177—Refusal of Certain Transfers
F201 & F202—Transfer & Discharge Requirements & Documentation
F203—Notice Before Transfer
F204—Orientation for Transfer or Discharge
F205—Notice of Bed-Hold Policy Readmission
F206—Permitting Resident to Return to Facility
F207—Equal Access to Quality Care
F208—Admissions Policy
F242—Self-Determination & Participation
F245—Participation in Other Activities
F246 & F247—Accommodation of Needs
F250 & F251—Social Services
F252—Personal Property & Environment
F253—Housekeeping & Maintenance Services
F254, F255 & F256—Linens, Closet Space, & Lighting
F258—Maintenance of Comfortable Sound Levels
F271—Admission Orders
F273, F274 & F275—Timeline for Conducting a Resident Assessment
F276—Quality Review Assessment
F278—Accuracy of Assessment, Coordination, Certification, Penalty for Falsification
F285—Coordination of Assessments
F287—Automated Data Processing Requirement
F312—Residents Unable to Carry Out ADLs
F319—Residents with Mental or Psychosocial Adjustment Difficulty
F320—Residents with Non-Adjustment Decreased Social Interaction
F321 & F322—Nasogastric Tubes
F323—Accidents & Supervision
F326—Nutritional Status
F328—Special Needs
F329—Unnecessary Drug
F360 & F361—Dietary Services Staffing
F362—Standard Sufficient Staff
F365 & F366—Food & Food Substitutes
F367—Therapeutic Diets

Volume Three

F356—Nurse Staffing Information
F385—Physician Services & Supervision
F386—Physician Visits
F387—Frequency of Physician Visits
F388—Alternate Visits by Physicain Extenders
F389—Availability of Physicians for Emergency Care
F390—Physician Delegation of Tasks in SNFs & Performance of Physician Tasks in NFs
F406—Provision of Specialized Rehabilitative Services
F407—Qualifications - Specialized Rehabilitative Services
F411 & 412—Dental Services
F425—Pharmacy Services
F431—Service Consultation & Labeling & Storage of Drugs & Biologicals
F442—Infection Control: Preventing Spread of Infection
F443—Infection Control: Employees with Communicable Disease or Infected Lesions
F444—Infection Control: Handwashing
F445—Infection Control: Linens
F455—Emergency Power
F456—Maintenance of Equipment
F457, 458, 459, 460, 461 & 462—Resident Rooms
F463—Resident Call System
F464 & 465—Dining & Resident Activities
F466—Other Environmental Conditions - Water
F467 & 468—Other Environmental Conditions - Ventilation & Handrails
F493—Governing Body & Required Training of Nursing Aides
F494—General Rule for Nurse Aides
F495—Nurse Aide Competency
F496—Registry Verification
F499—Staff Qualifications
F500—Use of Outside Resources
F501—Medical Director
F502—Timely Laboratory Services
F503—On-site Laboratory Services
F504—Medically Necessary Laboratory Services
F505—Physicain Notification of Laboratory Findings
F506—Resident Transportation for Laboratory Services
F507—Filing of Laboratory Reports
F508—Radiology & Other Diagnostic Services
F509—In-House Diagnostic Services
F510—Medically Necessary Radiology & Diagnostic Services
F511—Physician Notification of Radiology & Other Diagnostic Findings
F512—Resident Transportation for Radiologic & Other Diagnostic Services
F513—Filing of Radiologic & Other Diagnostic Service Reports
F515—Retention of Clinical Records
F516—Resident Identifiable Information
F519—Transfer Agreement
F520—Quality Assessment & Assurance
F522—Disclosure of Ownership

Full Series (includes 183 F-Tags of Vols. 1, 2, & 3)    Item Code: FTAG-C
Volume One   Item Code: FTAG-1
Volume Two   Item Code: FTAG-2
Volume Three   Item Code: FTAG-3

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