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English at Work: English as a Second Language for Eldercare Workers

Improve English Language Skills to Enhance Care and Reduce Costs

Job readiness and language skills are workplace essentials for our frontline caregivers if they are to provide quality care to our nation’s elders. Low unemployment and fierce competition have providers reaching out to an increasingly diverse population with little formal education to staff entry level positions.

Once on board, new challenges emerge—retaining and equipping workers with the fundamental job and English-speaking skills they need to be successful caregivers.

English Language and Job Skills Training Are the Answer

The unique design of English at Work: English as a Second Language for Eldercare Workers gives non-native employees a working knowledge of the English language specific to the workplace. The 60-hour curriculum features a Teacher’s Edition that saves valuable time by introducing the skills and elaborating on the activities presented in the Student Book.

"The course materials developed by the Institute address real situations that the student will encounter and provide practical and understandable words and directions to use in those situations. This curriculum is well done and fills an important niche for nursing assistants who will work in the healthcare field."

—Genevieve Gipson, R.N., M.Ed., Career Nurse Assistant’s Programs, Inc., Norton, Ohio

How the Program Works

The complete teaching-learning package takes non-native workers on a journey through a fictitious long term care center where they focus on everyday workplace situations such as:

  • Understanding health and safety symbols
  • Completing oral and written reporting procedures
  • Evaluating and describing an elder’s functional capabilities
  • Interacting effectively with residents and their families
  • Understanding employee benefits, policies and procedures

Vocabulary-building exercises strengthen understanding and correct usage of eldercare terminology. Real "life skills" such as reading transportation schedules, understanding basic forms of measurement, and using coins and currency help students in their daily lives.

Unit 1: Communicating at Work (10 hours)

  1. Meeting People
  2. Small Talk
  3. Being Polite
  4. Asking for Help
  5. Filling Out Forms

Unit 2: Where You Work (15 hours)

  1. The Facility
  2. Professional Services

Unit 3: Working Together (15 hours)

  1. Interacting with Others at Work
  2. Understanding Work Ethics
  3. Understanding Benefits, Policies & Procedures

Unit 4: Health & Safety (10 hours)

  1. Signs & Symbols
  2. Fire Safety
  3. Worker Safety
  4. Resident Safety
  5. Measurement

Unit 5: Life in the Community (10 hours)

  1. Where You Live
  2. Getting Around in the Community
  3. Money
  4. Family & Friends

Student Book Order Code: ESL-S
Teacher's Edition Order Code: ESL-T

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