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The Career Development Series

Research demonstrates that the long term care industry loses approximately 40% of its nursing assistants before they have completed their 90-day probationary period. Employers have attempted to battle this trend using a variety of incentives to recruit job candidates and improve retention rates during this critical time. One such incentive providers can offer to new hires is the Career Development Series (CDS). CDS assists in the successful transition of new hires by addressing those areas in which employee skills development is badly needed, yet often neglected. A series of two-hour seminars delivered over 13 weeks (90 days) covers topics vital to helping staff function effectively in the workplace.

In any care environment that aspires to be a safe and humane dwelling for residents and their caregivers, the quality of life is closely bound to the quality of the relationships of all those who live and work there. The Career Development Series focuses on easing some of the challenges faced by new employees entering this complex working environment. CDS is a content-rich training program that emphasizes relationships and relational skills development for staff working in long term care. The program is a useful tool for orienting newcomers during their first 90 days of employment to help them make sense of and navigate the many inherent complexities of their work. Pilot implementations of the program have proven equally helpful to incumbent employees to address issues of workplace morale and building team capacity.

The training curriculum for frontline staff is designed to:

  • Reinforce and enhance previous training and orientation
  • Improve the working environment for staff at all levels
  • Develop early, positive interventions for "at-risk" employees
  • Improve employee retention and job satisfaction

Career Development Series Syllabus

Week 1 “Is That a Chip on Your Shoulder?” Nursing Assistant Role & Responsibilities, Attitude & Ethics
Week 2 “What Did You Say? That's Not What I Heard!” Communication Skills
Week 3 “Are You Being Served?” Customer Service
Week 4 “So Much to Do, So Little Time...” Setting Goals, Time Management
Week 5 “All in the Family” Understanding Family Dynamics
Week 6 “Colors of the Rainbow” Cultural Diversity
Week 7 “Professional Partners” Building Your Team
Week 8 “Walk a Mile in My Slippers” Aging Sensitivity & Dispelling Myths
Week 9 “When the Norm is Not Enough” Handling Special Needs Clients
Week 10 “Running on Empty” Stress Management
Week 11 “Uh-Oh, Freddy's on a Tear Again” Managing Difficult Clients
Week 12 “He Said, She Said, Go Figure...” Getting Along & Conflict Resolution
Week 13 “Survey Savvy” Understanding & Preparing for the Survey Process

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